About Us

ALAPAR was born from the union of two people who, after years of training in some of the best restaurants in Barcelona, decided to create their own path.

Jaume Marambio and Vicky Maccarone met 10 years ago, working near Girona. From that moment on they started to grow “at the same time”, each one in their own field.

Jaume started out in the kitchen of the restaurant St. Rémy and from there he has gone on to work in the best restaurants in Barcelona, such as Disfrutar, Tickets and Pakta, part of the ElBarri group.

After finishing her studies, Vicky gained confidence and leadership by becoming the manager of Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo, part of the ElBarri group.

After years of training in great restaurants, Jaume and Vicky are committed to a personal project that they have been dreaming of for years and that today, at last, has become a reality.


ALAPAR is defined as a Mediterranean izakaya or a traditional winery with an Asian vision.

We work with top quality products and always respecting seasonality. It is a Mediterranean product where Asian cooking, pickling, marinating and cutting techniques are applied.

"We have grown in this profession at the same time, and that is how we want our restaurant to be. We bring together two cultures that are both marvellous".