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Omakase; Japanese expression meaning ‘I leave it up to you’ or ‘I leave it in your hands’.

At Alapar we propose this option to let yourself go and enjoy our cuisine.

Seasonal products, classic dishes and our best versions.

Pickled daikon, white sesame and capuchina leaf

Marinated trout nigiri and trout roe

Tuna tartar mushipan and wasabi emulsion

Smoked mackerel and bottarga nigiri

Montadito of squid sashimi and Iberian panceta

Morels in eel cream

Toro nigiri with ponzu and ginger

Turbot nigiri with pil pil

Crispy nori seaweed temaki with nacional Wagyu tartare

Yellowtail fish namero with shiso temaki

Takoyaki filled with “fricandó” and mushrooms

Squid maki with sea urchin

Eel and teriyaki sauce nigiri

Gunkan of Maresme green peas and ikura

Yakishimo of red mullet «suquet» with foie gras

«Frincadó» stew with tuna

Pear kakigori, pear juice and furikake

Charcoal broil chocolate mochi and olive oil icecream


VAT included
We want you to enjoy our experience to the full, so if you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know.